Edinburgh’s smaller art galleries

Edinburgh has many galleries of interest to artravelists. Let’s take a look at some of Edinburgh’s smaller contemporary art galleries and what they have to offer.

To find out more about current and upcoming exhibitions, see Edinburgh current exhibitions.

Talbot Rice Gallery

University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL
Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 5

Exhibitions are free

You access this public art gallery through the university building. Enter the Old College Quadrangle on South Bridge (don’t be shy) and the entrance is at the back left corner of the quadrangle. You should see a sign to help you out.

It is owned by the University of Edinburgh and shows a range of Scottish and International contemporary artists whose work has connections with a historical context. It also displays work from the University of Edinburgh Collection and Edinburgh College of Art. The Talbot Rice houses two galleries and an upper level space. The White Gallery shows thematic exhibitions. The neoclassical Georgian Gallery was designed by William Playfair. The upper level shows work from the Torrie Collection.

Stills Gallery

23 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh EH1 1BP
daily 11–6

Scotland’s Centre for Photography houses temporary exhibitions and events related to photography. Stills gallery is also a modern photo lab for both film and digital fine art photographers. It also holds exhibitions of video and installation work.

All exhibitions are temporary.

Collective Gallery

City Observatory and City Dome
38 Calton Hill, Edinburgh EH7 5AA
Tuesday–Sunday 10–5

This contemporary gallery stands on top of the impressive Calton Hill and has its own cafe. The Collective Gallery showcases and publicly funds work from up-and-coming artists in a fantastic space.

Opened in 1984, it was originally an artist-run collective organisation. It is now an internationally recognised gallery showing new visual art and practices.

All exhibitions are temporary.

Inverleith House

Royal Botanical Garden
Inverleith Row/Arboretum Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR
Tuesday–Sunday 10–5.30

Inverleith House

Both the interior and exterior of the building are stunning. It is worth coming to Inverleith House on a trip to visit the Royal Botanic Garden itself.

Despite being in the grand historical setting of the Royal Botanic Garden, this is chiefly a contemporary gallery in an 18th Century mansion house. It also houses exhibitions with a botanical theme. It was the original site of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art until 1984.

All exhibitions are temporary.


Ingleby Gallery

15 Calton Road, Edinburgh EH8 8DL
Monday–Saturday 10–6

Although this is a commercial gallery, it has a wonderful exhibition space so it’s worth having a look to see what’s showing here. Founded in 1998, the Ingleby Gallery moved to its current site in 2008. The building sits alongside the back of the railway station just beyond the East end of Princes Street.

There are two exhibition spaces here. One small downstairs and a large space upstairs. It has its very own giant billboard outside for special projects. The Ingleby represents contemporary painters, sculptors and photographers both new and established.


1 Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL
Daily 11 – 6

Exhibitions are free. Most exhibitions are temporary.

Edinburgh’s newest arts venue opened in 2012 and resides in the former Royal School of Veterinary Studies. Summerhall has studios, workshops and gallery spaces and there always an exhibition of two going on. Summerhall has a café bar and a unique atmosphere.

Permanent exhibitions:
Phenotype Genotype (PhG)
Over 400 artworks from the Heart Fine Art collection are shown alongside objects from the vet school’s history. The gallery is an original laboratory setting.

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